Get your partners ready for cloud

Get your partners ready for Cisco cloud

Your partners can be tomorrows cloud winner with the three step Cisco ‘HybridITpracticebuilder’ program. So it’s important that they go throug this awareness and leading program. Not only will they have a stronger strategy, they will also have the skills to sell cloud propositions. And with the self consulting portal they can strengthen their business, lead generation, marketing, sales and delivery.



Improve your partners in 3 steps


Step1: Business workshop

The Business workshop has been developed for (senior) management of Cisco partners. The main message of the Business Workshop is that the transformation to Cloud services is more a business transformation rather than a portfolio transformation, with a lot of different stakeholders in the company.

In the Business workshop we address the business owners such as general managers, sales managers, marketing managers and delivery managers to get a mutual understanding, working together in the same direction with the same objectives, to make the right decisions and to get full support within all necessary domains for making the Cloud transformation successful and executable. The Business workshop is part of the Hybrid IT Practice Builder program.

Step2: Train the partners’ sales

Selling cloud, managed and hosted solutions requires different approach, different skills and different tools compared to selling hardware or software. Customers face different uncertainties, will take different steps before they decide to purchase, and multiple roles will be involved in this decision.

This advanced sales training will provide you with all the tools and skills your sales force will need to successfully sell intangible and complex solutions. Your sales will become more business relevant for your clients and prospects.

The sales training is part of the Hybrid IT Practice Builder program and one of the most important steps towards success!

Step3: Improve partners with the integral approach with the self consulting portal

With a track based online portal, your partners can improve their Business, Lead generation, Marketing, Sales and Delivery. In easy steps they can make materials that strengthen their processes, focus and approach to the market. Based on proven tracks people can make plans in their own tempo and with their own company vision.


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